Case studies of our STEM Ambassadors

Here’s just a sample of our great STEM Ambassadors.  
You can search by STEM area of expertise, and can find out more about the kinds of activities they can support.

STEM AmbassadorSTEM expertise areaDetails
Andrew Roberts_case_study_photoEngineeringAndrew Roberts, Engineering Apprenticeships Coordintator, Kirklees College.  I am a Learning and Assessment Coordinator for engineering apprenticeships at Kirklees College. I am responsible for recruitment, training and assessment of engineering apprentices, and work closely with local schools, colleges and a vast array of local employers who have a wide variety of engineering skills that are in demand.
Chris Procter_case_study_photoScienceChris Procter, Environmental Consultant.  My role is as an Environmental Consultant – which is a very broad sphere – but I focus on the Water environment and specialise in flood risk and fluvial geomorphology. Typical jobs can be Flood Risk Assessments (assessing the risk of flooding that a new development/building may be exposed to and how to manage this) and Environmental Impact Assessments (assessing the impact that a new development/building may have on the Water environment, such as pollutants which may enter groundwater or the increased demand on water supply and waste water systems), but work can range from ecology to sustainability projects.
Claire Brierley_case_study_photoTechnologyClaire, Brierley, Senior Product Manager, ASDA.  I am a Senior Product Manager for Asda. I work in Asda’s Head Office and look to develop products that you use in the home every day. The products I manage are ones you will use all the time without thinking about it: ones that we use to maintain good health like medicines, first aid and vitamins and also things like glasses and tissues.
Darryl How_case_study_photoEngineeringDarryl How Process Engineer, ARUP. I am a process engineer working at Arup, an engineering consultancy firm. I work on a variety of projects but I am mainly involved with designing and improving performance of clean water and sewage plants for various water companies (Yorkshire Water, Welsh Water, etc).
Dave Allen_case_study_photoEngineeringDave Allen, Wind Energy Researcher. I am currently a PhD researcher in the Department of Engineering, University of Leeds. My research focuses on small scale wind power in the UK. I am looking at ways of mapping the wind speed across the whole UK and why small scale turbines are installed in certain areas.
Tom Pardey_case_study_photoEngineeringThomas Pardey Project Manager, Environment. I’m on the Environment Agency’s Flood and Coastal Risk Management Programme as a Graduate Civil Engineer. This allows me to rotate around the different teams within the Environment Agency, gaining experience on different areas of flood management.
Leon Willis_case_study_photoScienceLeon Willis, Biomedical Sciences Researcher. I am a PhD student at the University of Leeds, where I am looking at how and why a special type of drug molecules, called biologics, degrade during their manufacture. In the lab, I have to prepare my samples for analysis and load them into our custom-made instrument, which mimics manufacturing processes.
Richard Ashworth_case_study_photoScienceRichard Ashworth, Colour Experience Manager, Society of Dyers and Colourists. I’m the manager of the SDC Colour Experience in Bradford. I’m responsible for coordinating and delivering the SDC’s educational activities on the theme of colour. Colour covers a wide range of subjects. Colour science includes the physics of light (light sources, reflection refraction, diffraction, electromagnetic spectrum) the biology of colour vision (ourselves, other animals and problems such as colour blindness) or the chemistry of colour creation (Food and textile dyes, paints and inks).
Zeshaan Ejaz_case_study_photoScienceZeshaan Ejaz, Biomedical Scientist. I am Biomedical Scientist in the department of Histopathology at St James’s University Hospital, part of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. At the moment I have completed my MSc degree through work and now working towards completing my specialist portfolio enabling me to become a higher specialist and eventually leading onto become a chartered scientist.
Samantha Strong_case_study_photoScienceSamantha Strong, PhD Researcher, Optometry. I’m a PhD Student in an Optometry Department studying ‘Visual Neuroscience’. My area of interest is visual motion perception – I am really interested in how we are able to see and perceive moving objects, and I am lucky enough to be working in a lab that allows me to explore this by using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).
Talitha Smith_case_study_photoScienceTalitha Smith, Clinical Scientist. I am a medical physicist, currently working towards registration as a clinical scientist in radiotherapy. Radiotherapy involves treating patients, usually cancer patients, with radiation which is used to kill the tumour.
Corrine_Fulcher_case_study_photoScienceCorrine Fulcher, Optometrist. My main occupation is studying for a PhD in the mechanisms of time perception! As you know we have different senses for vision, hearing or touch, and there are distinct areas of the brain that process this sensory information and allow it to be consciously perceived. I am also a part time Optician, working mainly on weekends.
Haroon_Rafique_case_study_photoScienceHaroon Rafique, Accelerator Physicist. I am an accelerator physicist, currently working at the International Institute for Accelerator Applications, University of Huddersfield. Accelerator physicists are concerned with the theory, design, construction, and operation of particle accelerators.
Brent_Woods_case_study_photoTechnologyBrent Woods, Chief Executive, Media Centre, Huddersfield. I am Chief Executive of The Media Centre, a social enterprise based in Huddersfield. As a not-for-profit organisation, we’re committed to supporting business growth, employment opportunities and talent development within the creative and digital industries.